Development and support of mobile applications

TRUETECH is engaged in the development, support and maintenance of iOS, Android, PWA mobile applications. We have extensive experience and expertise in publishing mobile applications in popular markets like Google Play, App Store, Amazon, AppGallery and others.

Development and support of all types of mobile applications:
Information and entertainment mobile applications
News apps, games, reference guides, online catalogs, weather apps, fitness and health apps, travel apps, educational apps, social networks and messengers, quizzes, blogs and podcasts, forums, aggregators
E-commerce mobile applications
Online stores, B2B apps, marketplaces, online exchanges, cashback services, exchanges, dropshipping platforms, loyalty programs, food and goods delivery, payment systems.
Business process management mobile applications
CRM systems, ERP systems, project management, sales team tools, financial management, production management, logistics and delivery management, HR management, data monitoring systems
Electronic services mobile applications
Classified ads platforms, online schools, online cinemas, electronic service platforms, cashback platforms, video hosting, thematic portals, online booking and scheduling platforms, online trading platforms

These are just some of the types of mobile applications we work with, and each of them may have its own specific features and functionality, tailored to the specific needs and goals of the client.

Our competencies:
Development stages
Latest works
  • image_mobile-applications_feedme_467_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for FEEDME
  • image_mobile-applications_xoomer_471_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for XOOMER
  • image_mobile-applications_rhl_428_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for RHL
  • image_mobile-applications_zippy_411_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for ZIPPY
  • image_mobile-applications_affhome_429_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for Affhome
  • image_mobile-applications_flavors_409_0.webp
    Development of a mobile application for the FLAVORS company