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Website development on Dsite

Web Studio "Real Technologies" is a professional developer of websites of various thematic focus, aimed at representatives of small, medium, large businesses, as well as private clients. Website development on DSite is just one of the options, since we can use the most diverse content management systems that are relevant at the present time. Thanks to a ready-made solution, it is easy to work out arbitrary functionality that exactly meets the requirements of your business. A striking example is WordPress blogs, ModX-based online stores, and much more.

What are the benefits of creating sites on DSite?

In the case of online stores, we will provide an unlimited capacity for a product catalog with up to one hundred million unique items. All the necessary data is automatically archived into a MySQL database, which has practically no limit. This ensures the security and confidentiality of all information, including personal information of buyers. Backup automation, convenient mailings through email services, optimization for SEO queries are just a part of our package of services. Website development on a comprehensive basis is the right step towards the development of your business!

How to order the creation of a web portal from us:

  1. Contact us in a convenient way by going to the contact section;
  2. After drawing up the terms of reference, the cost of the project will be announced, 50% of which should be paid immediately, and the rest - after the completion of all work;
  3. During the implementation process, our manager will inform the client about the development stages;
  4. Upon delivery of the completed order, an official guarantee is provided for a period of 1 year, during which the accompanying maintenance will be provided.
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