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Website development on KORZILLA

In what cases is it relevant to develop sites on KORZILLA and using other CMS? Modern content management systems offer maximum convenience for publishing articles, news and other types of content. Suitable for online stores, information services and catalogs, therefore, they remain relevant for small and medium-sized business owners interested in increasing the overall consumer audience. Even before ordering the development of the site, it is recommended to formulate all the requirements for the project in writing, or contact our specialist for a free consultation.

Creation of sites on KORZILLA - high quality, fast, inexpensive

The most important advantage of our systems is the focus on users without specific knowledge in the field of PHP and HTML. We will set up everything you need, select the appropriate extensions and modules. For example, if we are talking about an online store, the capacity of a product catalog can be up to 100 million items and cards. An important advantage of this engine is its flexibility and focus on portals of arbitrary subjects.

Benefits of our web studio:

  1. Extensive experience in implementing projects of any complexity;
  2. The ability to use not only ready-made templates, but also an exclusive design;
  3. Improvement of the functionality and long-term technical support of the project;
  4. Creating a site will take a minimum of time, and we will provide a manager to connect the monitoring system;
  5. We are not an individual entrepreneur, we work as an LLC and document all services.
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