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Website development on WUCMF

Website development on WUCMF is one of the key services provided by Real Technologies web studio. We specialize in using all popular engines and scripts, modified in strict accordance with technical documentation. We offer favorable prices for customers, as well as special discount offers. After the creation of the site is completed, during the first year you will receive free technical support and consulting assistance on all emerging issues related to the operation of the portal.

Creation of sites on WUCMF - inexpensive and practical

The most important advantage of such CMS is their maximum flexibility. One of the most common types of web resources are online stores and marketplaces. The management system makes it easy to fill the catalog with new materials, commodity items, articles and news. A convenient graphical interface is implemented in such a way that even a user without experience can easily understand this system. Customizable author's privileges, editable sections and subsections of the directory - all this is initially provided by the script developer.

What are the advantages of developing a site based on WUCMF:

  • Created in PHP with MySQL support, installed on Apache web servers;
  • Updating the kernel with minimal administrator involvement;
  • Protection against auto-entry through the use of CAPTCHA and other protection methods;
  • Custom fields for search engine optimization;
  • Built-in tools for image editing, compression and resizing in automatic mode;
  • Graphical WYSIWYG editor that does not require programming skills.
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