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True Technologies LLC is a leading developer of web projects for business and individual use. Website development on ZetaWeb is a special case, but usually we use more popular CMS scripts (1C-Bitrix, Drupal, WordPress, ModX), although we are ready to take on an arbitrary engine. Among the many ready-made projects there are blogs, online stores, corporate business cards and projects of any other thematic focus. Our online stores are focused on ease of administration and unlimited content published. By connecting MySQL, creating a site involves regularly archiving information to protect against loss.

Website development on ZetaWeb - a universal solution

The specialists of our company will draw a unique interface for your website, write suitable texts and provide search promotion based on business objectives. The online service itself will quickly switch to self-service, practically without requiring the participation of a specialist. After the initial setup, anyone can add new text materials and multimedia data. Ease of management is akin to working with office applications. Website development will cost you little, especially when compared with the layout of each individual page from scratch. You can clarify the cost by contact phone numbers, or through the callback form. Our guarantee is 1 year of official service.

Benefits of our service:

  • More than 10 years of work in the market of the Republic of Belarus, official registration of a legal entity and documentation of each transaction;
  • Careful study of design and functionality exactly with the requirements of your business;
  • Responsive design with the ability to scale and further refine;
  • High level of security, guaranteed work stability and special discounts for our customers.
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