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3D and 2D animation, creating FX

3D and 2D animation, creating FX2 3D and 2D animation, creating FX

3D animation is widely used in various spheres, not only for creation of fantasy films or video games.

3D programs and equipment are used in different industries and spheres of activity. In each sphere, 3D animation is used in completely different ways. The goals and approach to its implementation are very different.

Science and entertainment are the main consumers of 3D animation and visualization. Science usually presupposes specialized projects, the purpose of which is the visualization of some scientific processes. For example, 3D animation is used in physics, medicine and forensics. As for the film industry and the gaming industry, here 3D animation is used for characters creation, scene modeling, creation of futuristic or historical worlds and special effects. This is a whole separate industry where thousands of 3D professionals are employed.

In this direction we perform the following types of services:

Stages of estimation and implementation of a project:

Software that we use for modeling:

3ds Max, ZBrush, Maya, Cinema 4d, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Photoshop.


As soon as the work is finished we provide the customer with the warranty for the work done. Warranty terms and conditions for each project are unique. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.

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