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Cleaning websites from viruses

Cleaning websites from viruses

Our company specializes in cleaning websites from malicious code (viruses). If your site is infected with malicious code, please contact us and we will help it to recover, identify intruders and help you to unravel the situation.

How can you identify a virus?

Most site administrators find out about the presence of the virus quite late, when it becomes necessary to immediately cure a resource from malicious software. The first signal indicating danger is a sharp decline in the number of visitors as well as problems with the web page load. They can be loaded very slowly, the speed will drop significantly. We will provide immediate assistance to your site!

Why have you become the victim of intruders?

After the preliminary analysis we will answer this question. There happened a lot of situations, but we successfully solved 99% of them.

Stages of work:

How much do our services cost?

The price is negotiable and it depends on the urgency and scope of work. We do high-quality and quick work.

The procedure of evaluation and implementation of works:


As soon as the work is finished we provide the customer with the warranty for the work done. Warranty terms and conditions for each project are unique. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.