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Game development

Game development2 Game development

Our company carries out a full cycle of development of gaming applications for various platforms (Windows, Android, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation, PC, browser games). You can order both a set of works and a separate service from us.

Why contact us?

We are professionals in our field. To develop your game (or demo version of the game), we will form a dedicated team from producer, game designer, artist, 3D artists, programmers, game level designer, sound engineer, testers. The number of team members varies depending on the project. We guarantee that the team will only include experienced specialists with extensive work experience.

The specialists of our company will conduct all the necessary consultations. After the project is completed, we will help with further marketing and the choice of a Publisher, or set up our own advertising campaign. Full support during the warranty and post-warranty period. We offer services for integrating end-to-end analytics systems into games, for tracking and rejecting low-quality advertising sources, in order to save advertising costs.

Stages of estimation and implementation of the project:

Technologies that we use:

Unity3D, Unreal Engine, BABYLON.JS and more

Storing and processing the data: Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDb, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache Cassandra, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL server and others depending on the project.

The server part: PHP (Yii, Laravel, Symphony, Zend, Kohana, CodeIgniter), JAVA (Spring MVC, JSF, GWT), .NET (ASP.NET (ASP.NET MVC) и . Net Framework)


As soon as the work is finished, we provide the customer with the warranty for the work carried out. Warranty terms for each project are individual. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.

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