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IT consulting, audit of Web sites and applications

A comprehensive website audit and its directions

Comprehensive website audit includes a number of directions depending on the specific characteristics of the resource. The first direction is technical audit which is based on the verification of site web-pages compliance with the required standards as well as quality and download speed analysis, correctness of code formation, etc. Technical audit specialist checks how properly your site appears in different browsers. The access to a site management is analyzed. We study the resource safety and the whole program part, as well as the robots.txt file with the settings for the search engines.

The second direction is marketing site audit aimed at evaluating web resources as an instrument of market relations. It presupposes study of services and statistics of a website, assessment of its competitiveness in a particular branch, evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising investments, comparing with competing resources and compliance with the chosen theme. Separately there are explored similar characteristics relating to competing and partner sites. In the future that will allow choosing the right development strategy.

The third direction is site usability analysis. The term ‘usability’ is understood as the convenience of web resource use by a visitor. Website traffic, audience loyalty and the desire to return to the site again directly depends on the site usability.

Next comes search audit (SEO-audit), which allows to learn about the indexing of a site in search engines. The resource is viewed in terms of search robots. We study the meta-tags and key words, analyze the quality of the published content and condition of website map. You will need to choose the correct semantic core and key requests that exactly match the theme of your resource. We evaluate reference content, redirection on the internal pages as well as all the other nuances that are included in the SEO-optimization.

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