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Marketing Web site audit

Marketing Web site audit

What do we need marketing audit of the site for? The main purpose is to assess the effectiveness of your web resource on the main criteria: the number of sales and conversion rates expressed as a ratio between the number of visitors and the number of useful action (a purchase, register on the site, etc.). According to audit results we provide to the customer the recommendations to increase these figures!

As part of the marketing audit of a site we carry out a comprehensive study of the product and its market environment on the Internet. As a result of research we compile a list of actions to help to improve the perception of the product by potential buyers. As a consequence the sales will increase as well.

Marketing audit of a site includes:

How much do our services cost?

The cost of services is calculated individually depending on the details of the analysis and the volume of the planned work. If you have some small fixed budget, we can conduct a partial analysis only dealing with the most important parts of the analyzed project.

The procedure and stages of work in our company: