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Hire of developers (outstaffing and outsourcing)

Hire of developers (outstaffing and outsourcing)

Our company is engaged in both the formation of dedicated teams and the allocation of individual programmers for your needs in the IT field, within our office.

What services do we offer:

Outstaffing developers — our company leases a specialist in our office. The specialist is part of the Client's team along with other team members, his work is regulated by the Client's managerial staff. At the same time, the Client pays our company for the work of a specialist under a contract, and we, in turn, pay the salary of a specialist. Minimum contract duration 1 year

Benefits of developer outstaffing:

Disadvantages of developer outstaffing:

Development outsourcing) — our team takes over part of the responsibilities and business processes of your company in the IT field. This service increases the efficiency of your company and allows you to use the freed up resources so that your company can develop new directions.

Benefits of development outsourcing:

Disadvantages of outsourcing developers: