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Professional Designer Services

Professional Designer Services Professional Designer Services

The rapid development of mankind has led to the emergence of new activities and the arts that require manifestations of real talent. One of them is the design affecting furniture, clothing, interior design, printed materials and websites. Not everyone will be able to work out a high-quality design, but the results of invested work are immediately transparent to everyone!

It’s not enough to have a computer at hand or have good drawing skills to become a good designer. It is necessary to "feel" every design element precisely imagining it. In our company you can find real professionals, talented and experienced designers. They have a great collection of works under their belt, the works which comply with any requirements of the customers!

Our designers work out:

How much do our services cost?

Our services cost differently, the assessment takes place depending on the volume of work.

The price can be:

  • Fixed – a fixed cost per month for projects where you can calculate this cost.
  • Flexible – the cost is determined before and after for graphics with small uncertainty of the work amount.
  • Per hour – An hour of designer work is estimated individually and payment is done in stages. The size of each such stage is negotiated individually with the customer. Such a scheme is applicable both in the first two cases and for projects with a high degree of uncertainty of work volume.

If you want to know the price of graphics creation, make a detailed description of what you want to get as a result of the work, and send it to Email specified at the bottom of the page. We will contact you and tell you everything. We will work quickly and efficiently!

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