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Prototyping2 Prototyping

Prototyping systems and applications is a win-win method for verifying the viability of the concept and minimizing risks in the early stages of development.

Why do we need a prototype?

What we offer:

  • Creating dynamic prototypes. To get a realistic image of the software we will create an interactive dynamic application model that will see the real operation of the system, test various interfaces for different user roles, execute a business scenario on a prototype, simulate data processing and visualization, evaluate and improve the convenience of use.
  • Creating static layouts. We will create a static application model that demonstrates the main functional characteristics of the solution and the interaction between the modules of the system. A static model is usually provided in a short time as a set of sketches with detailed comments.
  • User interface design. To ensure maximum visual compatibility with the future system, our designers will finalize the prototype and provide a high-quality graphic design of the user interface and its individual functional and information elements.

Stages of estimation and implementation of a project:


As soon as the work is finished, we provide the customer with the warranty for the work carried out. Warranty terms for each project are individual. If any defects are found, we eliminate them for free. To work with us means that you will get maximum convenience and quality.

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