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Social media marketing and optimization (SMM, SMO)

Social media marketing and optimization (SMM, SMO)

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a complete optimization of your site for modern social media networks. This is the work carried out within the site, which is aimed at promotion on social networks. Such work includes: the installation of social networking buttons, placement of different interactive units, conducting of activities aimed at full integration of your website with social media networks.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a full range of marketing conduct within the social media networks. SMM is a range of activities aimed at promoting business, product or services in any communication area of social networks users.

The main advantages of advertising in media networks:

Due to a mass audience in social networks you can:

How much do our services cost?

Our services cost differently, the assessment takes place depending on the number of specialists involved in the project. In the process of promotion in media networks not only one specialist is involved, but the whole team: SMM specialist, copywriter, graphical and other specialists.

The price can be:

  • Fixed – a fixed cost per month for projects where you can calculate this cost.
  • Flexible – the cost is assessed before and after for projects where different methods of promotion are applied.
  • Per hour – the hour of each specialist's work is estimated individually, and payment is carried out in stages. The size of each such stage is negotiated individually with the customer. Such a scheme is applicable both in the first two variants and in projects with a constantly changing strategy.

The cost for promotion in media networks is quite individual. There are projects where you can calculate the cost from some hours up to 3 days. In some large scale projects the calculations can take up to a week.

If you want to increase the coverage of the target audience make a detailed description of your aims and the actions of the users that we will attract, send it to Email specified at the bottom of the page. We will contact you and tell you everything.

If you have no desire to make any documents then simply call us or leave a request and our experts will find out everything from you and conduct a cost estimate.

How do we build relations with a client of our company:

It is crucial to understand that we are attracting target customers to your business and they are willing to purchase goods or services. But for the best effect from the advertising campaign it’s recommended to come up with various promotional companies, bonuses or discounts within your business. In this case the effect of advertising will increase by several times!